Morrovion’s Guide to Gambling Kickstarter Spotlight

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Morrovion’s Guide to Gambling
Publisher: Netherbook
Designer: Frank Lubbers

40 dicegames to play ingame in your Tabletop Role Playing Game or as standalone games. All the games are 5th Edition (5E) compatible.

Morrovion’s Guide to Gambling will make every tavern or casino-visit in your
roleplaying game memorable. Play fun and famous games in which you stake your
wealth, or play infamous games where you may stake your health. Play the smart,
the strong, the wicked and the sneaky. Gather fortune for further adventuring or place
one final bet so you can finally hang back and live the good life.
All games in this book are played with polyhedral dice, which makes it easy to
incorporate them in your TableTop Roleplaying Game. Therefore this book is
compatible with basically every fantasy themed Role Playing Game.
A beautiful full color hardcover book, with at least 120 illustrated pages, filled
More than 40 dice games:
 Back Alley
 Casino games
 Family games
 Tavern games
For every game in the book:
 Description of the game.
 Which dice do you need?
 How to play it (as a dice game)?
It also includes a Roleplaying guide:
 How to roleplay a gambler?
 Types of gamblers
 Casino-slang for use in roleplaying
 At least 3 Custom gambling-related Character Backgrounds
Optional rules:
 Optional Intoxication Rules
 Lore on gambling
 And more…
 But above all: Lots and lots of roleplaying fun!
Morrovion’s Guide to Gambling will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sun, October 31 2021 8:01 AM PDT, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $872.
Find out more at HERE.
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Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox:

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