Track your board game play count with STYLE

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As part of the LAX RAX campaign, check out these dry-erase play count trackers. They don’t use ANY glue – they stick onto your games with pure gravity-grip technology. They’re dry erase so they’re quick and easy to use. 

Trying to do a 10×10 challenge? Want to see which games get the most plays? How about knowing which games to cull from your collection? With our new dry-erase play count trackers, you can easily keep track of which games are hitting the table the most (and least) often.

Also, LAX RAX itself is pretty cool:
Imagine, every game on its own shelf – sitting quietly waiting for you to quickly and easily slide it off. No more wiggle dance, no more landslides, no more drifting lids. Just accessible, beautiful storage.

From the makers of BoxThrone comes LAX RAX, the board game shelf insert for IKEA Kallax. Give your Kallax a ROYAL UPGRADE with these adaptable, affordable shelf inserts. Turn your collection into a display case with easy-slide horizontal storage, acrylic displays, custom drawers and more! LAX RAX is adaptable and adjustable making it the perfect fit for any board game collection. Back now for 20% off retail!

Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox:

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