PnP Game of a Trillion Worlds Spotlight

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PnP Game of a Trillion Worlds
Publisher: Truth Engine Books 
Designer: Richard Crist
Number of Players: 5 or 6 that is, 2 debaters, 2 guides and 1 or 2 moderators.
Ages: 16+
Time: 2 Hours
Find the FreePrint&Play HERE
You are a wizard-warrior known as the Logician. As the terrible spectral colossus, the dragonne named Po-Mo, draws near to the realm, growing ever more lethal as she moves, you look out with apprehension, yet smiling and talking cheerfully with your fellows. When Po-Mo’s movement, like a crash of thunder, terrifies the non-initiates of the land, you calmly return to your chamber and arrange your cards according to their signs, and write your proto-claims on the pages of your Thorn notebook—in doing these things you are preparing your weapons for the war, the coming Logopolemos, against the dragonne.  
You and the other wizards have already banded together to pursue a great goal, the goal of bringing about the birth of the colossus, Gaia, who will bestow upon mankind a golden age on earth, and it is written that, in order to accomplish this goal, you must compete amongst each other in matches to secure the emblems of Truth; and then you must go to the Precinct of the Engine and cause the Truth you have found to be written into the book that is kept there. But it is Truth, and Truth alone, that will destroy the dragonne, and it is because of the wizards’ power to reveal Truth that Po-Mo fears the wizards and seeks to destroy them. As a wizard-warrior, then, your goal is to distinguish yourself in the Truth-revealing Matches in order to help establish Gaia and to help crush Po-Mo.
You have an ally in Maia, the Midwife, the great colossus whose mysterious constructors are the ancient races not of this earth. Yet how far will Maia go now to help you and the other wizard-warriors to survive your war against Po-Mo? Nothing is certain—but you are resolute that the battle be joined.
The twist to all this is that the above backstory relates not a fantasy, but a reality; it describes the real-life world of the player of The Game of a Trillion Worlds. My Game of a Trillion Worlds game guide explains how this can be so.
One essential feature of the game is that it will offer the player the opportunity to transcend the game; that is, to turn the game into what I call a pseudogame.
For the Game of a Trillion Worlds print and play materials, the game guide and the game’s logic cards, click here
Game of a Trillion Worlds is currently available to you as a Print&Play at no cost to you!
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