Time to Travel with Calliope Games!


Time to Travel with Calliope Games!

For the next several weeks, we’ll be traveling the world through games, and exploring the
outdoors without all the pesky bugs and bad weather! Let’s start with mountains and seas in 
Dicey Peaks and Tsuro of the Seas!

This week the spotlight is on Dicey Peaks by Scott Almes. This press-your-luck dice rolling game has you trying to roll axes to ascend the mountain, or tents to replenish your oxygen levels, all while trying to avoid avalanches or getting the attention of the Yeti. On our website you’ll find a How to Play video and Quick Start Guide, Frequently Asked Questions about the game, and links
to popular reviews to peruse.

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Next week we’ll be featuring everyone’s favorite Daikaiju-infested waters in Tsuro of the Seas (just in time for our restock!!) so check back for more!

Dicey Peaks Giveaway!

If you’re looking to win your own copy of Dicey Peaks, be sure to check out Family.Boardgaming on Instagram! They will be doing a giveaway starting today and ending on Sunday, August 15th. This was their family’s gateway game, the one that got them into the wide world of board games. We are proudly partnering with them to get the game to even more new folks.

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