See if Jazz likes, loves or tolerates another deck builder!

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This week 2 different reviewers took a look at Terraforming Mars. Harry gives us a Video Demonstration of Terra Forming Mars: Big Box and Bogue also gives us his opinions in his TERRAFORMING MARS: ARES EXPEDITION Review .

Then in our hottest review of the week Jazz Paladin looks at another Deck-Building game. See if he likes it, loves it or tolerates it in his Review of both Draconis Invasion & Draconis Invasion: Wrath.


Have you ever posted a review to BGG to only have them say nah? Well not at EBG! If you’d like to have your review(s) posted on Everything Board Games (Note: Review must be family friendly in nature and non-political to be considered.) Interested? Send me an email with your review and at least one image! 

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