No Escape: Redemption Kickstarter Spotlight

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No Escape: Redemption
Publisher: OOMM Games
Designer: Jonathan Thwaites
Number of Players: 2-8
Ages: 14+
Time: 30-60 Minutes

No Escape: Redemption is the latest expansion to No Escape, adding in 4 micro expansions:

– Saboteur: Social Deduction is now added to this tile laying game! Who sabotaged the ship?

– Last Off: flip the rules in reverse with this new game mode! leave a colored trail behind you TRON style, and try not to cross your own path.

– Equipment: switch out your jetpack and find new ways to mess with your opponents

– Damage: New ways to switch out played tiles is added with Damage. Teleport tiles off the station, but be careful, as what replaces them may not help you.

In addition, all our previous titles will be available in the pledge manager!


No Escape: Redemption launched August 11th, and all our titles will be available for international shipping.
pledge at the $10 level, and your pledge will be counted towards whatever you want to pick up in our pledge manager.

No Escape: Redemption will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, August 25 2021 6:55 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $23,942.
Find out more at BGG
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Never Miss Everything Board Game posts again! Get them in your inbox:

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