Machi Koro 2 Announcement A New Standalone Title

“In perusing BGG’s top 50 the other day to see which games we’d covered so I could see if BGG will allow our reviews of those games to be posted to their site, (Main one I found that we recently covered was Jazz Paladin’s Gloomhaven review & his Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Review) I found that their is a sequel to one of our favorite games Machi Koro! So that was super EXCITING for me!” Lake Owner & Operator of Everything Board Games.

Your favorite lovably quirky city is back at it again! Welcome to Machi Koro 2, where new adventures await, but the bakeries and business centers still abound.

In Machi Koro 2, veteran players will notice some big changes. Under the new zoning laws, players receive a limited budget to choose their own starting establishments. The available cards are pulled from three decks and arranged for all to see. It’s a race to grab the coolest new establishments and landmarks in the land!

The cards in this set have exciting, never-before-seen effects. But choose what you build wisely, as your landmarks might also benefit your opponents! With more variety than ever before, no two games will be the same. Machi Koro 2 will have fans visiting again and again! 

Images & content are courtesy of those posted on Machi Koro 2‘s BoardGameGeek Page.
Video courtesy of Don’t Be Board’s YouTube Channel.

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