Audio Dungeon New Interactive Game Allows Thousands of Players to Play Tabletop Together at Once.


Battle For Andaria will allow thousands of players to shape a live tabletop campaign.

New York City, USA, August 18th 2021 – Live tabletop show The Audio Dungeon has today announced an all new interactive story telling experience that will allow thousands of players to play in a modified Dungeons & Dragons like campaign together live. Battle For Andaria will allow players to participate in the Audio Dungeons upcoming Celestial War Series which the first live show will begin on September 1st at 8:30 PM EST on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Anthony Hanson, GM & one of the 7 Founders of the Audio Dungeon has developed the ruleset and interactive website where players will watch the campaign live as well as take part in the story on a massive scale. “Imagine if there is a large-scale battle between goblins by the thousands attacking a city defended by Knights & Wizards.  Sure, as a GM I could just say this side wins and that side loses or even go to players to make some rolls and play it out to some degree; but what if the viewers at home could choose one of the Knights or a wizard and battle side by side with other viewers to defend the kingdom.  They strategize, play and win or lose they are in complete control of the story and will directly affect the campaign and how it progresses.”



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