Total Control Wrestling Kickstarter Spotlight


Total Control Wrestling
Publisher: Self-Published
Designer: J. Brian Jones
Number of Players:  1+.  It can be played solo or with as many people who want to participate.
Ages: 12+
Total Control Wrestling! The game where you decide how the storylines unfold on TV!
Total Control Wrestling provides players with an entire game system focused on a wrestling promotion with a weekly TV show. Every week, the show builds on the characters, storylines, feuds, and angles of the previous shows. It’s like watching your favorite weekly wrestling show on TV. You never know what will happen, who will show up, or what matches you may see. But one thing is for sure… it will lead to a knock-down, drag-out, feud-settling match down the road!
Create your own wrestlers or use those included in the game to get right into the action! The random creation process allows you to generate a wrestler’s physical stats, never knowing what you may get. Will it be a giant? Or a luchador? Then you decide the wrestler’s style and attributes to fit the prototype. Alternately, players can disregard the random process and assign any stats and attributes as they see fit, making the wrestler of their dreams! Perhaps you want to make replicas of the stars you watch on TV? You can do that, too! Total Control Wrestling lets you take Total Control!

The game system allows players to customize and use whatever elements they want and disregard the rest. Players can track everything built into the game system or use the most basic aspects for matches. Only want to use the Match Charts to determine winners in one-off matches? You can. Want to leave out the XP and Character Progression? You can do that without affecting the rest of the game. If detailing all the Feuds is too much work, leave that out and let the charts tell the stories from one show to the next. For the ultimate experience, get out some paper and pencils and run an entire promotion, keeping track of every stat, win, loss, storyline, angle, and feud from beginning to end. Total Control Wrestling does just that… gives you Total Control of the game!
The Chart Manual guides the general action of the TV show. However, players add the details, develop the personalities, and use their own creativity to enhance the show as it tells the stories from week-to-week. Angles, interviews, and scenarios will build Feuds between rivals until they can settle it once-and-for-all in the ring. New feuds will emerge, old feuds will re-start, wrestlers will turn on each other, and more! The game system provides the methods and means, but it is up to you to decide how and why it happened. You have Total Control!
Are you ready for the excitement and action? Are you ready for…


Total Control Wrestling will be live on KICKSTARTER until Tue, June 29 2021 2:00 PM PDT, and has a funding goal of $5,000.
Find out more at HERE

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