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Back by popular demand we’ll be scaling back to 1-2 emails per week. Our Sponsored email on Tuesday’s and our Newsletter on Friday’s. 

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In case you missed any of these during our daily emails: There was a condensed Mage Knight Ultimate Edition review in ISSUE #3 of the Magazine. In case you never hopped over to see the Full review we’ve got all of Jazz Paladin’s thoughts here in our Mage Knight Ultimate Edition Full Review. If you’re into RPGs see what TechnoFunkBoy thought in his latest review: Have You Found It? Act 1: The Jitters Review. Usurp the King is coming to Kickstarter next week. Be ready for it by seeing what Bogue thought in his Usurp the King Kickstarter Preview. If you like reading books about board games see what Adam thought in his Winning Streak Kickstarter Preview. One of our hottest reviews over the last 3 months was when Jazz Paladin took a look at one of Flying Frog Production’s games, well he’s reviewed another one of their titles in A Touch of Evil: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Review

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