The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance board game


June 22, 2021, Portland, OR – Get ready for one hot TAZ summer with Twogether Studios! Award-winning game designers, Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis, along with The McElroy Family, designed The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance board game based on the epically popular podcast and New York Times best selling graphic novels!

Celebrate a safe return to the game table this summer with Twogether Studios as they facilitate local retailer events, giveaways, and a newweb series on Twitch!

The new Twitch stream features host Gnomedic guiding several new and veteran guests through the collaborative and imaginative TAZ board game. Join in the fun and learn to play every Tuesday evening at 8PM EDT on twitch.tv/twogetherstudios starting June 29th. 

Make sure to follow Twogether Studios at twitter.com/twogetherstudio for tips on how to throw a great TAZ game night and weekly giveaways of swag from them and First Second Books.

Are you a friendly local retailer eager to host your own TAZ game night or demo event? We’re providing an easy event tool including assets and prize packs to help make the transition back to the realm of “normal” smoother and a little more TAZ-y. An online sign up form for info is found here!


The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance is currently available online at theadventurezonegame.com and your local independent retailers! 

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  1. May 24, 2022 / 5:06 am

    Check out the Playthrough of the The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Board Game. This game is for 2-5 players – ages 12+. Standard gameplay is approximately 60-90 minutes with a complexity score of 1.67.

    The Adventure Zone is a cooperative storytelling game based on graphic novels by the McElroy Family. In this game, players are retrieving dangerous artifacts and must outwit the villain. Each player creates their own character name and defines a few characteristics on their player board. The Adventure Zone Board Game is very unique and meant to immerse the players into their characters through fun storytelling while defeating the villain at hand. This is an easy-to-learn game that is a fun adventure full of laughs where everyone either wins or loses.

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