Heroes of Thargos: The Cursed Empire Card Game

Heroes of Thargos: The Cursed Empire Card Game
Publisher: Spartans Unleashed
Designers: Chris Loizou & Bryan Steele
Number of Players: 1-2
Ages: 14+
Time: 45-120 Minutes
Hail, Aspiring Hero! 

Are you thirsty for renown? Do you seek glory through epic adventures in a world torn apart by civil war and strife where YOU are the Hero?

Heroes of Thargos is an exciting card game based on the Cursed Empire Role-Playing Game setting inspired by gritty fantasy, mingling aspects of Greek mythology, Ancient Greek City State-like alliances clashing with a Dark Ages technology equivalent decadent rising power bent on total destruction of an ancient Empire. 

If you like films such as Clash of the Titans (including the 1981 classic 😉 ), 300, Troy or books such a LOTR, GoT or the Raymond Feist Magician Series, Massimo Manfredi and Steven Pressfield for historical fiction, then this is for you!

In Heroes of Thargos, you play a Party of four Heroes in search of ultimate victory through their heroic deeds, a individual hungry for action, ready to put themselves on the line for what they believe in, just so they can get to the finish line before their bitter Rival or cooperate as a team against the setting of Thargos!

Heroes of Thargos is already funded on Kickstarter and heading towards the exclusive Stretch Goals ! The campaign ends 5th July noon EST…

The Boardgame Connaisseur Review We had an awesome time playing The Cursed Empire and it is a solid strategic game with lots of depth and different ways to play. Highly replayable.” Brendan McFadden  Card Games on Kickstarter! FB Group Administrator “It goes without saying the art in the game is fantastic, but it is the lore and creeping storytelling which made me want to replay the game.” Patrick Hepner  The Level Up Board Game Podcast “I couldn’t help but become immersed in the rich and robust world of CEHOT. CEHOT has a theme and setting that we’re carefully crafted over two decades, and it bursts through in gameplay. After just two plays of CEHOT I was ready to start building my own decks and discovering synergies in this robust setting” David Fox  Boardseye View Review “In a world of many two-player head-to-head games, Cursed Empire: Heroes of Thargos serves up a large helping of theme and a lean turn structure…” Krista Griffiths  The Cardbaord Cantina Review “All in all, the game plays quickly and I really enjoyed playing with my friends!” Bob Nolan  Tabletop United Review Cursed Empire: Heroes of Thargos will definitely endear itself to players who love designing decks for various states of game play. The joy of finding the perfect mix of cards which stack and buff the other cards in the deck leads perfectly to those players who dive into strategy- who enjoy puzzles and competing against others. This is a deep enough and strategic enough game that should keep players engaged with the core two decks through several game plays Cursed Empire has an upcoming story mode that also includes solo play. The story mode removes the mission track and adds more narrative element and teamwork to the mechanics. Also, you’ll find that there is a large setting tied in to the card game in the form of an RPG.“…more on the KS page… 


The game comes with multiple play modes for Solo, Player Vs Player and Coop Mode plus the exciting Story Mode where you craft your own adventures using a simple game mechanic.
With Story Mode you use the Mission Cards (similar to Encounters or main events in a RPG) to build a Story path including Side Quests and Secret Side Quests… you can then share these with the wider community… 
And can use the exclusive KS 3D printable minis to mark where your Party is on the Story Path…

Adventure is everywhere, Heroes are in Thargos! Where will you be after the 5th July?
Don’t miss out!! 
Heroes of Thargos: The Cursed Empire Card Game will be live on KICKSTARTER until Mon, July 5 2021 9:00 AM PDT, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $8,338.
Find out more at BGG

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