Dice of Dragons Kickstarter Spotlight


Dice of Dragons

Publisher: Thing 12 Games

Designer: Brander “Badger” Roullett

Number of Players: 1-6 adventurers!
Ages: 9+
Time: 25-45 Minutes
Dice of Dragons is the latest game in the “Dice of” series by Thing 12 Games! The “Dice of” games are a highly interactive dice rolling push your luck system that fits inside a pocket-sized tin!
In Dice of Dragons, 1-6 players cooperatively work together to use their asymmetric powers, abilities…and a little luck…to strategically work to defeat a fierce dragon. As the game progresses, the dragon grows in strength and threat. Can you defeat it in time or will you end up a crunchy dragon snack?
The Kickstarter is fully funded and actively unlocking lots of awesome stretch goals that provide new dragons and characters, allowing for a wide variety of play experiences!
Roll the Dice! Face the Dragon! Seize the Hoard! 
Dice of Dragons will be live on KICKSTARTER until Tue, June 22 2021 7:51 AM PDT, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $8,000.
Find out more at BGG.  

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