Coalitions Kickstarter Spotlight


Publisher: PHALANX
Designer: Andrew Rourke
Number of Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Time: 1-4 Hours

Coalitions’ Kickstarter campaign has begun! Join the fight, experience the thrill of battle & diplomatic maneuvering – and of game with no downtime yet 6 players! – and get a ton of awesome stuff completely for free! If you back Coalitions now, you’ll not only receive the core game and all it offers (and that’s a lot), but also:    

– A large expansion with its own board & a new nation to control

– Five beautifully sculpted KS exclusive diplomacy miniatures

– Excellent price regardless of the pledge level

– All the stretch goals, and we’ve prepared a good bunch of them

– Huge savings on shipping cost if you pick a group pledge

Coalitions will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, July 14 2021 11:00 AM PDT, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $55,180.
Find out more at BGG.

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