Big Potato is launching a clever new game called Snakesss


 Big Potato is launching a clever new game called Snakesssa super simple social deduction trivia game. Players win points by correctly answering questions or, if they’re a snake, by charming other players into choosing the wrong answer.


Designed by Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go! CacaoGizmos and Imhotep), the game will be at Target this coming June for $25The game is easy to set up and learn, plus each round is lightning fast and you don’t have to be good at trivia to play.

Here’s how to play (with a quick video tutorial): In each round, players can be one of three characters: Snakes, Humans or the Mongoose of Truth (the only player Humans know is not a Snake). Once a multiple-choice question is read aloud, the Snakes will see the correct answer first… leaving the Humans and Mongoose of Truth in the dark.


The entire group has 2 minutes to discuss what the answer might be while the Snakes fool other players into picking the wrong answer. When time is up, each player chooses an answer.


The Humans or Mongoose who answered correctly get a point for every player who got it right (including yourself). If they picked the wrong answer, they get nothing! Snakes win a point for every player who got the answer wrong. The player with the most points after six rounds wins! 

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