You Said You Could Draw Kickstarter Spotlight

 You Said You Could Draw

Publisher: JPN Games LLC 
Designer: James Nigbur
Number of Players: 3-8
Ages: 8+
Time: 45-60 Minutes

Put your skills under a blindfold with a whole new spin on the drawing game: You Said You Could Draw! Everybody knows that one person who can draw anything, this game levels the playing field to all players. Players roll a dice to see what word they must draw. Here is the challenge, you are blindfolded. Sounds easy until the world around you grows dark and you lose connection with your hand. Then the power of your mind takes over and your work of art is revealed, WOW, and You Said You Could Draw! The fun happens when your opponent’s try to guess your masterpiece.I created this game because my family needed a time when they could just put the worries of the world aside for a bit and just laugh out loud. I feel the game has accomplished this goal because even after playing we still talk about and laugh about the pictures we drew. I need your help in bringing this game to life. If you are into laughing and drawing, I think you have found your next new game for game night. Stay safe and let your mind draw.
You Said You Could Draw will be live on KICKSTARTER  starting on Tuesday 18th of May 2021.
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