Broken Compass: Adventure is Back!


Broken Compass: Adventure is Back!
Publisher: Two Little Mice 
Designers: Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola
Role Playing System: It’s Own~!


Broken Compass is an Adventure Role-Playing Game inspired by the great movies and games of the genre, from the Mummy all the way to Uncharted, passing through Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider… and it’s BACK with all new Seasons starring fearsome pirates and daring gentlemen!

In Broken Compass you play as an Adventurer in search of great Treasures, a man or woman of action, ready to risk it all every day, just so they can get to the finish line before their bitter Rival! Broken Compass is based on the highly cinematographic Fortune System: a set of game mechanics that use small pools of six-sided dice to determine the outcome of any task that might entail risks or end in accidents.
To succeed, you don’t need to roll high totals. Your aim is to roll two-, three-, and four-of-a-kind results, which become Successes.

Broken Compass will be live on KICKSTARTER until DATE, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $12,168.
Find out more at RPGG


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