Galaxy Trucker relaunch


Czech Games Edition just announced the relaunch of Galaxy Trucker, the award-winning family game by Vlaada Chvátil!

Build a space ship and fly across the Galaxy. Transport goods. Fight pirates. Dodge meteors. Watch fellow players’ ships explode as you fly on to victory! 

So what’s new in the Galaxy Trucker relaunch?

  • Amazing new art and enhancements – The relaunched edition of Galaxy Trucker features a full graphical overhaul, with charmingly re-designed artas well as card balancing tweaks, more ship tiles, and nicer astronaut and alien tokens!
  • A faster, more accessible experience – We’ve streamlined the core gameplay loop into one single flight, to deliver a faster moving game that’s easier for players of all ages to enjoy. 
  • More depth if you want it – For veteran players who want a longer experience, the “Transgalactic Trek “offers an epic three flight campaign to satiate your thirst for galactic long hauling.
  • Smaller box, cheaper price – Recommended MSRP is €/$30.

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