Decktective – Nightmare in the Mirror


dV Giochi just announced the 3rd title of the Decktective game series have just been released in U.S. shops and they are now available in the European market, too.

DECKTECTIVE – NIGHTMARE IN THE MIRROR is the brand-new mysterious case for true Detectives. 

Danielle Dove was kidnapped! Thankfully she is a resourceful girl and managed to somehow ask for help. But you must act quickly if you want to save her. Collect the clues: newspaper clippings, pictures, witness statements…
Investigate and come up with plausible theories. Can you put the evidence together to solve the mystery?

In the DECKTECTIVE series, the players play a team of detectives, dealing with the resolution of a mysterious case.

The games in the DECKTECTIVE series are characterized by engaging and immersive narratives contained in a single “pocket-sized” card deck with a 3D crime scene!

Game design: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino

No. of players: 1-6

Ages: 12-99

Artwork: Alberto Besi

Language: English

Suggested retail price: €10.90 – $14.90

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