Turducken Kickstarter Spotlight

Publisher:  Cockblock studios
Designer: Adrian Hoffman
Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 10 +
Time: 30-60 Minutes

The Dastardly Game Of Deception All For A Good Dinner
Turducken is a cutthroat game for 2-6 players that turns players into ruthless hunters in pursuit of the best dinner on the planet…a turducken! Players will take aim at chickens, ducks, and turkeys throughout the game but opponents have abilities and action cards they can play to try and take your hard earned birds. Are you skillful enough to get the birds, evade the other hunters, and take home your turducken to your hungry family?
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Go see what our reviewer Adam had to say about Turducken. He mad me want to play it! 
Turducken will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, April 22 2021 6:57 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $2,000.
Find out more at BGG.

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