The Sci-fi Master’s Toolkit Kickstarter Spotlight

 Why does it always have to be a struggle to find Sci-fi assets for Tabletop games that match in quality and art style? It has never been an issue with fantasy!

Those are the very questions that started our project : The Sci-fi Master’s Toolkit

By backing us you get access to a ~15GB strong library of mapping assets, animations, audio and animated tokens, be it Cyberpunk, Deep Space or Wasteland themed within the Master’s Toolkit software.

Each and every element of your world can be customized and detailed, lights/colors, the ambient lighting (day and night cycles). You can build from scratch or use editable pre-made modular pieces.

Draw, paint or tile – create custom walls, brush or blend together textures. You can change image properties: stretch, change hue/brightness transparency and more to create a cohesive image. Go big: here is no limit to the map size you can create.

Bring your maps to life, use animated assets, video backgrounds, or just simply add effects to static objects – scroll seamless backgrounds, make objects float/spin and more!

We supply enough audio content to cover a myriad of adventures, from a bank heist to inter-galactic battles using the Soundscapes module. The building elements for these ambiences are at your disposal: build your own customized sound environments!

We offer the ultimate digital meat-space tool for tabletop. You only need to run 1 instance of the software on PC or Mac, connect it to your living room TV/projector/monitor and you are ready to go. 

We offer a variety of export options to use your creations without limits, Image/PDF export for printing, Universal VTT for using them in your preferred VTT, or Videos to just chuck on a USB and straight into your TV! 

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