Stellaris Infinite Legacy Kickstarter Spotlight


Stellaris Infinite Legacy is a 4x space game based on the popular computer game from Paradox. It is live on Kickstarter and has raised over $2 million in the first week.

Click here to see their Metagame stories and for more info.

Stellaris Infinite Legacy is an immersive 4x space game where you create your own species, design your empire and compete to complete objectives against the other players.

The Legacy in Infinite Legacy means that decisions you make will have immediate effects and long term repercussions that will often last for games.

This is unlike any other 4X game. Here you don’t just build fleets and try to destroy each other. In Stellaris Infinite Legacy, you interface with the other players helping some grow, or trying to influence others politics and economies. You and your friends build your own unique galactic story. 

Click here to see their Metagame stories and for more info.

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