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PRODUCT: BooYahhh!  is a virtual board game experience that features high-definition graphics, movable pieces, and flip-able cards to give gamers a fully immersive and effortless in-game experience, across all device types. Accessible through  a website and mobile app, it will offer two experiences: (1) brings the game in as another member of the group so people can interact with each other while playing and (2) an anonymous setting with the game as the only ‘person’ you are interacting with. The purpose of Booyahhh! Is to bring people together to Connect. Play. Win.


TARGET: Booyahhh!’s target market is individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 who are tech savvy and board game enthusiasts. 



  • Brings people together in a safe and fun online forum (for separated family/friends, for the casual gamer or for the serious competitor)
  • Offers popular games through partnerships with major game manufacturers


There are many ways to play games online, but only Booyahhh! offers a unique experience to bring the game in as another ‘person’ on your game.  Booyahhh! offers an affordable and safe online board game experience for solo and multiplayers. Our partnership with major game production companies gives our customers an expansive collection of games to play from,  including our most popular games, whileproviding superior customer service to address any customer challenges.

SOLD: BooYahhh! is a SaaS company sold entirely online and through our app. We will drive awareness and adoption of its services through digital demand generation campaigns with a full funnel strategy, focusing on higher ROI activities e.g., paid search, remarketing, email and SEO.

Stephanie who is currently working on a Capstone Project for my Master’s Degree in Business at Colorado State University. She has asked us to help her. If you would be so nice as to fill out her survey below it would be much appreciated.  Survey Here! THANKS!


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