Dized Tutorials Now Free and Available in the Web


Dized Tutorials Now Free and Available in the Web

Dized, the premium tabletop companion, has finished the next stage of development. The interactive board game tutorials are now available on the Dized website, in addition to the previously released Dized app. The tutorials can be accessed free of charge, and without a need to register.

Dized tutorials allow players to skip the rulebook and start board games immediately. This means players can learn the game while they already play, the method familiar from modern video games. The fully animated and voice-overed smart tutorials follow the flow of the game and adapt to the game situation, making even heavier titles easy to learn and play.

“We want to make tabletop games more accessible for everyone, and one of the major aspects of that is to offer an easy and fun way to learn new games, that is available on multiple platforms. We started with the smart device app and are now able to offer content on the web as well. And of course, following the tutorials will be the fully indexed and searchable rules on the web, later in the spring”, states the company founder Jouni Jussila.

Tutorials are now free to use

In order to get more people to try the content out, it was decided together with publishers to offer all the tutorials free of charge for the players. 

“We’ve always discussed with publishers about what kind of a business model would suit their studios and products the best. Dized is a new service and right now there’s a growing demand for easier ways to learn new games. So we decided to lower the barrier of entry by removing the price tag and enabling players to launch any tutorial with a click or two”, continues Jussila.

“Tabletop game industry has been growing for several consecutive years and we’re hoping to be a service that’s able to bring board gaming to more people, and help with the future growth of this wonderful hobby.”

Dized grows with more content and features

Dized Content Creation Tools have allowed publishers and freelancers to create several new tutorials and rules for the platform, and there’s more on the way.

“Tutorials for King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Cerebria, Scythe, Potion Explosion, Night Cage, Tokyo Sidekick and Dice Miner will be published in the upcoming weeks. This shows that the content creation tools are up for the task. We have been happy to see how content creators are becoming more experienced with the tools and are able to create content at an increasing speed. We expect to see dozens of releases each month by the end of the year.”

The Content Creation Tools will also enable publishers to create digital add-ons for their games, which can help in creating more immersive gaming experiences.

“We’re aiming to have the add-ons available during Q4 this year. Before that we’ll finish bringing all the content to the web and also provide tools for easy localizations. All this helps in making tabletop gaming more inclusive and accessible for everyone”, concludes Jussila.

Dized is available for Android and Apple devices and the tutorials are also accessible on desktop computers at https://www.dized.com/tutorials

Note: Credit for the image goes to the Dized team’s Facebook page.

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