A LOT of games bundle: print&play


A LOT of games bundle: print&play
Publisher:  Radek Ignatów
Designer: Radek Ignatów
Number of Players: No limit! 
Ages: 8+
Time: 20-30 Minutes

Be on the lookout for reviews from 2 of our talented reviewers here at Everything Board Games to be dropping sometime during the campaign!

A large bundle of print and play games. The set includes roll&write games based on very different mechanics. We build an alpaca theme park, create magic potions, build a power grid to machine, hunt for dinosaurs, train a ninja warrior and much, much more. Each game consists of 1 printable card and has no upper limit of players, which makes it perfect for events or school classes. Ridiculously little money (8$ for 5 games or 13$ for 12 games and many stretch goals) for a LOT of fun for a long time

A LOT of games bundle: print&play will be live on KICKSTARTER from 3/14/2021 until 3/31/2021, and has a funding goal of $78.
Find out more at HERE

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