Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory Kickstarter Spotlight


Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory
Publisher: Arcanist’s Armory
Designer: Steven Collins


Fireball is an iconic DnD spell, and with these custom dice created by Steven Collins with a twin tailed fireball on each face, you can bring the heat to your table in style.  If you don’t need them for fireball, they work for meteor swarm, risk, or even yahtzee ;).   The pictured leather dice holder scroll case is being offered as an add-on at 65% off the Amazon list price.

Fireball dice will be made in 8 piece sets with white inking.  This is enough d6s to cast a base, 3rd level fireball spell.  You can add on the $2 per die add-on to get your sets up to a maximum of 14 dice each.  Cursed Crypt will make any ordered fireball dice boxes (made to fit either 8 dice (Regular wooden box) or 14 dice (Large wooden box)) ordered and all dice towers will be 3d printed for fulfillment by Nathanael Simpkins.  Leather Dice scroll cases will be sourced through udixi dice’s retailer channels.

Bring your A Game: $22,500  

All leather scroll case mats purchased will be marked with the Arcanist’s Fireball Logo design at no additional cost.

Fireball Dice from the Arcanist’s Armory will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, March 3 2021 6:24 AM PST, and has a funding goal of $20,000 .
Find out more at their website.
Don’t forget to check out their GIVEAWAY here!

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