Choose your Class Dice Kickstarter Spotlight


Choose your Class Dice
Backed by Everything Board Games on Kickstarter 
Personal note from Owner & Operator of Everything Board Games at bottom of this post
Publisher: Choose your Class Dice
Designer: Christina Pinckard

Have you ever asked: 
“I wish I had some cleric dice,” said a friend sitting next to me at my game last year.  Thus started the long process of making my class dice, ?

So what makes them Class Dice?  Well, I’m glad you ask.  I created these pieces on the natural 20 to show the symbol, of what I think each class should be.  From the Barbarian Rage to the Wizard wand, I have created artwork for each class.  These dice are easy to hold and feel well in the hand as well. they are made with high-quality resin, which means no bubbles in the dice, they give a nice feel to the dice, and they are weighted pretty nicely. 

Personal disclaimer from the Owner & Operator of Everything Board Games LakeLeafty

“A majority of our spotlight posts are sponsored by the creators. In the event of Choose your Class Dice this didn’t happen though. In addition to these dice being just cool (We backed them!) in connecting with the creator I found that she is a single mother of 2 boys who have autism just like one of our sons does. So as a parent of a special needs child my heart goes out to the creator. If you need some cool dice, I highly encourage you to check this project out!” 

Choose your Class Dice will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sat, April 17 2021 5:39 AM PDT, and has a funding goal of $12,400.
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