Kingdom of shadows Kickstarter Spotlight


Kingdom of shadows
Publisher: Black Skull Studio
Designer: Juan Pablo Cañez Martinez

In a world protected by the light, where harmony and the resources for peace existed, humans  fought for years amongst themselves, killing each other in bloody battles. Distracted by their own  greed, they didn’t realize that the demon king destroyed the barrier that separated them, focused  on their mission to eradicate humanity. 

Kingdom Of Shadows is the first campaign of Black Skull Studio! We are so excited to show you  everything that our kingdom includes, from our brave knights to the darkest creatures. 

Our characters are available in two different positions and at a size of 50mm, which are presented  in two ways: 

 – Model 1 file .STL with supports, ready to download and print. 

 – Model 2 file .STL without supports. 

The core set of the campaign include 8 character and 41 extra object (demons, creatures, props) in  17 goals, you can check the details, support us and share the campaign on the next link. 

Kingdom of shadows will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, February 4 2021 11:00 AM PST, and has a funding goal of $2,975.

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