28mm Hard Plastic Satyrs and Scythians Kickstarter Spotlight


28mm Hard Plastic Satyrs and Scythians
Designer: Robert Dunham

RGD Gaming has launched their second Kickstarter in an effort to produce Satyrs, Amazons and Scythians. Due to high demand, we are unlocking the Satyrs and integrating the Scythians and Amazons to make them unlockable at our 6k goal. These models are heroic 28mm (32mm) and are being sculpted by Tim Barry. As of 1/20, the KS is more than halfway, with 20 days left. Backers have the opportunity to unlock up to 120+ models for $40.

By popular demand, these boxsets have been added as choices.

 Backbone Info of the Satyrs

 The Satyrs were originally a creation during the Fauns Kickstarter. RGD GAMING set out to create a robust beast to contrast with our more nimble looking Fauns. The aim of the Satyr project overall is to create a race of followers whom enjoy a drunken tour of country sides, ready to pierce, smash and stab those in its way. On the table top, this may be represented as bestial like berserkers or tribal warriors.

Paint Credit to Mary Profitt

The original concept for our Satyrs took off during our first kickstarter. Due to overwhelming demand from past backers, we wanted to bring them to the plastic realm to join their beastmen cousins. 

Game Name will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, February 11 2021 8:02 AM PST, and has a funding goal of $6,000.
Find out more HERE.

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