Meta Olympia: The sports on Mars board game Kickstarter Spotlight


Meta Olympia: The sports on Mars board game
Publisher: Mighty Dynamo
Designer: Team Mighty Dynamo
Number of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 30-50 Minutes

  • A sci-fi and sports tabletop game that is part deck building and part board game.
    • In a build phase, players move their miniatures across sets of action tiles to improve their teams and gather tactical resources.
    • In the tournament phase, players play against each other in matches to score points.
    • They repeat the build and tournament phases for four rounds and end the game with a championship round of matches.
    • The winner is determined by the number of points collected from wins and resources.
  • The game has a rich backstory that takes place in the near-future. The players build football clubs for their Martian colonies to compete with neighboring settlements.
    • The website documents the deep world-building that establishes the theme of the game.
  • The game is meticulously crafted and includes metal miniatures, custom dice, and components that feature work from incredible artists from comics, film, tv, and video games.
  • Some contributing artists include:
    • Nimit Malavia— Projects include Bill Willingham’s Vertigo series “Fables” and storyboard artist on “The Umbrella Academy” Netflix series.
    • Rockey Chen—Projects include Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, and the upcoming Magic the Gathering animated series.
    • Jacques Penas—Award-winning artist who has worked alongside companies such Maxon, Sony, Harmonix.
    • Kurt Kaufman—Projects include Star Wars Prequels and Netflix’s Lost In Space.
    • Ramón Pérez—Award-winning Cartoonist best known for his two graphic novel adaptations Tale of Sand and Jane.
  • Created by a team passionate about design, science fiction, gaming and storytelling. 

Meta Olympia will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sun, January 3 2021 8:59 PM PST, and has a funding goal of $58,932.
Find out more at BGG
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