P’achakuna Kickstarter Spotlight


Publisher: Treecer
Designers: Stefan Kraft, Moreno Vogel
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Time: 30-60 Minutes

P’achakuna is a smart 2 player gaming experience on a unique, modular board 🏔️. Both players follow their own paths on the same board but are never completely separated from each other. The rules of the game are easy to learn and allow a quick and uncomplicated start. However, the depth of the game and the high replay value should not be underestimated.

Each game comes with a Kickstarter exclusive, handmade fabric bag, made in Bolivia, it could not be more authentic 🦙. Thank you for helping us to bring this project to life!

P’achakuna will be live on KICKSTARTER until December 2nd at 23:59 (Central European Time)and has a funding goal of $10,000.
Find out more at BGG


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