It’s Kind of a Fun Story Kickstarter Spotlight


It’s Kind of a Fun Story
Publisher: PopHaus Collective
Designer: PopHaus Collective
Number of Players: 3-10
Ages: 17+ (with removable cards for a more family friendly experience)
30-75 Minutes based on game type
It’s Kind of a Fun Story is a strategic storytelling game that lays all your cards on the table.

A getting-to-know-you storytelling game for acquaintances or a revealing party game for friends you thought you knew everything about. Disclose your most embarrassing, hilarious, and moving stories to close in on the win. 

Contains 320 cards in a customizable deck complete with removable R-Rated cards to keep things PG—or not.

The game is simple. Players take turns drawing from a deck with—you guessed it, story prompts. Reading each out loud they can choose to share a story or skip. But, be careful, with every skip also comes the risk for another player to jump in and claim points. First player to seven points takes the win.  

Bring people together, when it’s needed more than ever, with the art of storytelling. Sit down, pull a card and open up—on your own terms. 

It’s Kind of a Fun Story will be live on KICKSTARTER starting on 11/11/2020 and running through 12/10 at 12pm CSTand has a funding goal of $15,000.


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