Everything Board Games Magazine is back and better than ever!

Everything Board Games Magazine Vol 1. Issue 2
Publisher: Everything Board Games
Designer: Legends of Ravenhall
Number of Players: (2-4 for RPG included adventure)
Ages: ALL
Time: Depends upon how fast you can read
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As you might know Everything Board Games Magazine (EBGM) provides the boardgame community relevant information
and insight about games, game experiences, game designers, game sellers, and related resources. In
each issue, you will discover something new.
Thanks to our exuberant supporters, EBGM launched its first issue (Click link if you missed it and so you don’t miss upcoming issues either) several months ago. Issue One was
well-received and chock-full of valuable content. Unfortunately, almost immediately after publishing
that issue, a perfect storm of staff changes, health challenges, relocation, and many global COVID-19
restrictions derailed our efforts and delayed publication of Issue Two by five months. We persisted,
however, and began to talk with Legends of Ravenhall to help us relaunch EBGM. Our friends at
Legends of Ravenhall have been providing updates and interviews for the tabletop game community for
a while, even as they have begun to develop their own games. So, I am pleased to announce the joint
venture between Everything Board Games and Legends of Ravenhall to produce the EBG Magazine for
you going forward, beginning with this issue. I am also very grateful for the valuable contributions of
Petersen Games and others as we continue to work together to benefit our gaming community.
Everything Board Games strives to be your first and best resource for board game information, so we
are excited to restart this important publication – especially at this time of the year. Why not give
EBGM as a gift to your family and friends! Sign them up to subscribe for FREE!
Everything Board Games Magazine was on KICKSTARTER back in May of 2020, and surpassed it’s funding goal of $6,000.
Find out more at Everything Board Games.



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