D&D Inspired TOWNSFOLK Mini Figures By Monster Gaming Kickstarter Spotlight

D&D Inspired TOWNSFOLK Mini Figures
Publisher: Monster Gaming

Monster Adventure Townsfolk Minis are the affordable option for building out your games’ nonplayer characters without breaking the bank or having to use paper character tokens. Our minis are compatible with Monster Adventure Terrain* and all other 1” x 1” gaming systems. Our minis are available in painted sets for out of the box game play or paintable versions for the ultimate color customization. There are a total of 8 different sets with 4 different townsfolk characters in each. This wide variety of characters includes: 
  • Pub Set- bartender, waitress, dancer, and drunk
  • Entertainer Set- jester, flutist, mandolin player, storyteller
  • Merchant Set- fur trader, salesmen, brewer, butcher
  • Tradesmen Set- blacksmith, chef, plague doctor, grave digger
  • Fieldworker Set- harvester, field hand, plow driver, herder
  • Peasant Set- elder, house maid, rioter, orphan
  • Authority Set- executioner, tax collector, fanfare, flag-bearer
  • Nobility Set- friar, priest, queen, king 

Their pledge levels range from $10-$329 and offer a large variety of painted and paintable configurations

D&D Inspired TOWNSFOLK Mini Figures By Monster Gaming will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, November 19 2020 11:01 AM PST, and has surpassed it’s funding goal of $10,000.
Find out more at Here!


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