Ambush!—reflexes meet strategy in this fast-paced card game! Kickstarter Spotlight


Ambush!—reflexes meet strategy in this fast-paced card game!
Publisher: Self-Published
Designer: Michael Ford
Number of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 15-45 Minutes

Strategy meets reflexes in Ambush!, a fast-paced, fantasy-themed card game that combines the planning and fantasy elements of Magic: The Gathering with the hectic, explosive action of Egyptian Rat Slap or Spoons. Ambush! seeks to provide the perfect blend of thrilling action and intense strategy in a game where the tide of battle can be turned in the blink of an eye! Take control of your personal castle and craft the perfect army of goblins, wizards, and knights to attack your opponents and defend your own walls from harm. The goal of the game is to be the last castle standing at the end of the hectic free-for-all. To do this, players will need to plan and strategize for the Ambush phase, where any card played in the game so far is up for grabs in a mad scramble that has a chance to be triggered at the start of every player’s turn. Having the speed and reflexes to grab the best cards first, as well as remembering where the best cards are on the field will be critical in obtaining the upper hand over other players. 

Each of our 54 cards features colorful, eye catching character art and hand-drawn backgrounds.
17 unique creatures, characters, and monsters from the fantasy world of Ambush, each with special abilities and powers that change the game and interact with each other in exciting ways.
Unlike other strategy card games with huge paragraphs of text that make it difficult for newcomers and slow for veterans, Ambush relies on quick, easy to understand card effects that keep the game moving quickly, while still keeping gameplay interesting and complex.
The ability to play multiple cards in a single turn allows players to combine card effects to create powerful combos, rewarding players who learn the effects of cards over multiple games.
The Ambush phase provides a fun and exciting change of pace to the game, balancing action and reflexes with strategy and planning.
The slow, exciting build-up that occurs as more and more cards are added to the battlefield in the center of the table makes every turn more interesting and nerve-racking than the last. Players never know when the ambush is going to hit!
The mysterious nature of the ambush phase rewards players with a sharp eye and a keen memory who can remember where the cards they need have been played on the field.
The colorful dwarves, elves, and goblins of Ambush are brought to life not only by the hand-drawn digital art, but by fun: witty flavor text that accompanies each of the characters and adds an additional layer of fun to the experience.
The rule that players get to name their castles at the beginning of the game adds an extra bit of fun and personality to every session!
The game’s fast pace and colorful cards make it accessible to strategy card game fans of all ages and even accessible for families with older kids!
Ambush! will be live on KICKSTARTER until Fri, November 20 2020 11:00 AM PSTand has a funding goal of $3,500.


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