Widget Ridge: EMERGENCE Kickstarter Spotlight


Widget Ridge: EMERGENCE
Publisher: Furious Tree Games,
Designer: Ian Taylor
Number of Players: 1-2
Ages: 12+
Time: 15-45 Minutes

Widget Ridge is a Steampunk deckbuilding game where inventors compete against one another to be declared an Engineer Laureate!  This is no easy feat, inventors must use their Beloved Widget and Gadgets to buy augments, devices, and accessories in the Marketplace of Ideas to build amazing inventions to ultimately generate enough Spark to win the game!

Emergence expands the Widget Ridge experience by adding 9 new playable characters to the game!  This expansion set includes three-character packs containing all-new cards, including characters, widgets, gadgets, and inventions!  Along with, new solo and co-op campaigns for everyone to enjoy.

Emergence is live on Kickstarter with some great tiers and 

stretch goals including tiers for newcomers and backers 

that want everything!

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Widget Ridge: EMERGENCE will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sun, November 22 2020 9:00 PM PSTand has surpassed it’s funding goal of $5,000.
Find out more at BGG.


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