Trivia Obscura™ +Do You Know Darkness?+


Trivia Obscura
Publisher: Nadanull Games
Designer: Marilena Tzortzaki
Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 16+
Time: 90 Minutes
What do Clive Barker, Elizabeth Bathory, the Call of Duty game and…mosquitoes all share in common?
They are all deadly!

And this is why you can find them inside Trivia Obscura™+Do You Know Darkness?!
Alongside with pawns, dice, a gameboard and a thousand questions that flirt with the dark and the macabre, in a truly original way! Oh, and there are zombies too! Loads of them! And vampires, werewolves, nameless things that crawl in the dark…Did we mention the Great Cthulhu?
So! If you watch horror stuff faster than Netflix churns them out. If you have painfully experienced the axiom, that one should always tie up the boots FIRST and THEN the corset. If your garage would make Paracelsus green with envy and if… your neighbors curl up in a fetal position every time you pump up the volume…
Trivia Obscura™ is the board game that allows you to bask in the glory of your dark existence and… rub your poser friends’ noses in it!
Cinema, music, video games, science, history, lifestyle, literature, the occult and many – many more carefully selected topics that flirt with the dark, give you all the juicy leftfield bits of info you so much crave! They all meet on the board of Trivia Obscura™, the first game of knowledge and strategy for the lost ones!

Where can I find it?
In fact, do not expect that you will find it in mainstream game stores. TriviaObscura™ is an indie, Kickstarter exclusive project and a labor of love and hard work, that will be printed in a small collectable run. If it is not funded on Kickstarter, it will be forever stuck in limbo! So, support Trivia Obscura™ on Kickstarter, and… Unleash Darkness!!!
Game Name will be live on KICKSTARTER until Fri, November 27 2020 2:59and has a funding goal of $15,180 .
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