Top Tale – Tell Epic Tales To Win the Top Tale Kickstarter Spotlight


Top Tale – Tell Epic Tales To Win the Top Tale
Publisher: Yub Nub Games
Designer: Peter A Seiler
Number of Players: 2-10 
Ages: 10+
Time: 30-120 Minutes

Stories help us get to know each other, but stories also help us heal, they help us cope, and they help lighten the blows this life tends to deal us.

Top Tale is a casual, family-friendly card game that is designed for 2-10 players, 30+ minutes, ages 10+, and takes less than two minutes to learn. The cards are all family friendly, and with adults or older kids as part of the game, kids as young as 5 can enjoy playing and having the adults actually listen to their crazy stories.

 Watch this fantastic 1:39 video on How to Play Top Tale, by Triple S Games:

Alternatively, you can read the current version of the instruction booklet for Top Tale: The O.G. Vol 1 below (click on picture to see full PDF):

The basis of the game is simple, everyone tells tales and everyone votes on the top tale. The game has evolved to where the cards are all carefully balanced between light-hearted topics, and deeper topics. Through playing the game, players get to hear stories about the other players that they may have never heard without the prompt of the topic cards.

The Original Game (“O.G.”) series is meant to be a family friendly series, where the topics are all designed to be everyday topics. 

There will be several volumes in the O.G. series if the game is as well received as it has been so far. Aside from the O.G. series, there are several other themed expansions in the series planned, such as Top Tale: Tall Tale, where players are encouraged to embellish the truth. Topics in Tall Tale will still be mostly relatable, but they will all have a twist to them that encourages you to perhaps introduce a dragon to your tale, supernatural events, or perhaps superhero-like powers. All decks in the Top Tale series will be playable together, with the same basic storytelling and voting mechanics.

Top Tale is not meant to be the sexiest of games, and there aren’t awesome 3D-printed miniatures, but there’s plenty of that out there anyway. Top Tale is truly meant to be a game well suited for just about everyone, everywhere (pending future translations and localizations). If you’re reading this between before November 21st, then act now! You can help bring the Top Tale series to life on Kickstarter and get the game for only $20 with FREE US Sipping.

Top Tale will be live on KICKSTARTER until Sat, November 21 2020 7:00 AM PSTand has a funding goal of $6,000.
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