My Date with a Zombie Kickstarter Spotlight

My Date with a Zombie
Publisher: Gametime Again
Designer: Alayn Clint
Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 6+
Time: 15-45 Minutes

Thank goodness you have arrived!  Your skills are sorely needed, and time is running short.  The undead are restless, and we need your help to calm the horde.  How?  Well it turns out the undead are just bored and lonely (and lacking social graces).  Thankfully, you can help.

What is My Date with a Zombie?

  • Easy to learn for young players, but good strategy and depth for more experienced players.
  • Great for a small or large group (2 to 6 players)
  • Language independent cards and game pieces
  • Instructions in several languages (see below)
  • Special 2-player variant
  • Fun variations for added depth and challenges

Showing the “Love”

We are doing a couple of fun things this campaign to build the “Love”.  Once we hit our funding, Stretch Goals will be unlocked based on the level of Love in the campaign.  Love can be shown in all the traditional ways (pledging, liking social channels, etc.), but we will also have some fun challenges throughout the campaign.  We hope you check back often:

Click to create a Zombie Dating Profile for Today’s Challenge

My Date with a Zombie will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, November 19 2020 10:00 PM PSTand has a funding goal of $2,500.
Find out more at BGG


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