Here be Dragons – Into the Unknown Kickstarter Spotlight

Here be Dragons – Into the Unknown
Publisher: Todys Design
Designers: Kim Åberg & Kim Jansson
Number of Players: 1-6
Ages: 10+
Time: 60-240 Minutes

From the publisher:

With the help of our backers, we want to create a unique experience for people who love board games as much as we do as well as giving people who are new to boardgames a fun and easy to learn adventure.

Here be Dragons is a competitive exploration game where players compete for victory points to become the ruler of an uncharted land. These points can be earned by:

  • Upgrading your settlement by spending resources found throughout the world.

  • Being the first to complete quests that constantly acts as smaller goals throughout a game session. 

  • Finding and defeating powerful monsters that roam the forests and mountains Push your luck against unique monsters and other players in battles that can end in victory or defeat depending on the dice results. To prepare for these battles and come out victorious players need to gather and manage their hand of cards and use them in the right moment. 

  • Players must survive the onslaught and defeat the game boss in order to not lose to the game itself. 

  • The game board is randomized by placing hexagon tiles as players explore, creating new opportunities and obstacles that the players must adapt to each time they play.

Here be Dragons – Into the Unknown will be live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, November 11 2020 11:00 AM PSTand has a funding goal of $14,859.
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