Tomorrow Dies Today – A Strategy Game for Supervillains Kickstarter Spotlight


Tomorrow Dies Today – A Strategy Game for Supervillains
Publisher: Mooney Bin Entertainment
Designer: Sean Mooney
Number of Players: 1-7
Ages: 14+
Time: 120-300 Minutes

Tomorrow Dies Today is a Supervillain strategy game of negotiation, betrayal, and world domination.

Cutthroat is one of three game modes available, and provides a unique competitive/cooperative hybrid, in which players take one of two unique roles:

1.       The Supervillain attempting to pull off his Doomsday Plan

2.       A Henchmen trying to achieve the most VP (Villain Prestige). There are nine asymmetrical characters to choose from

As the Supervillain you have no pieces on the board, and must bribe, influence, and threaten the other players to carry out your will. It is a difficult role of people and resource management that requires interpersonal skills and strategic thinking.

The Henchmen must maintain two levels of relationships. The first is with their ‘boss’, toeing the line while getting as much assistance as they can. Second with their peers, with whom they must form tenuous alliances while looking for ways to climb to the top of the pile. All this while recruiting Faceless Henchmen, building Squads, and plotting out three moves per Round to harvest rewards as efficiently as possible.

The game ends when the Doomsday Plan is achieved, at which point the Supervillain and Henchman with the most VP win together… unless one of the Henchmen has betrayed the organization. At which point the traitor can achieve sole victory by running the Doomsday Clock down to 0.

For less competitive, or more straightforward play, there is a Solo/Cooperative version, and a Team vs. Team (vs Team!) option. Both have only slight variations in mechanics, allowing you to learn all three game modes easily.


·         9 Metal Minis for asymmetrical characters

·         Wooden Meeples

·         5 Doomsday Plans (different endgame scenarios)

·         45 Hex Tiles (for a customizable map)

·         100 various Objectives, Global Events, and Gadgets

·         3 Game Modes to accommodate all different playstyles

·         Retail and individual packages available

50% funded on its first day, and will be running on Kickstarter through the month of September!

Tomorrow Dies Today will be live on Kickstarter until Thu, October 1 2020 5:01 PM MST.and has a funding goal of $15,000.
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