Sharks Feeding Frenzy Kickstarter Spotlight


Sharks Feeding Frenzy
Publisher: Loud Cats
Designer: Rockie Davies
Number of Players:  2-6
Ages: 10+
Time: 45ish Minutes
Find it before it goes to KICKSTARTER HERE!
Coming September 15th to Kickstarter!  Haven’t you always dreamed of being a shark? Of course you have! Sharks Feeding Frenzy is here to deliver you that tropical dream in a colorful cardboard box.

You and your friends (or people you hire off Craigslist) each take the role of a competitive shark, battling it out to eat tourists, locals, or even a dead whale carcass, in a race to get 50 points.  There’s tricks and treats and fights and bites along the way.  It’s a back and forth tile-laying-take-that-oh-no-you-didn’t finfunfest (I think that’s German for shark-party.) 

With so many different tile types and draws, each game is delightfully different, like the friends you hire off Craigslist.  There’s luck in the tile pulls and dice rolls. There’s strategy in tile usage, plans of attack, and fight or flight choices.  Adults and kids and hobos alike will love the quick-natured fun battle of Sharks Feeding Frenzy!

Game Name will be live on KICKSTARTER on September 15th Sign up for notifications HERE!


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