Thalara: The Last Artifacts Kickstarter Spotlight

 Thalara: The Last Artifacts Kickstarter

Publisher: wredespiele
Designer: Alexander Wrede
Number of Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 20-30 Mins

Thalara: The Last Artifacts will be
 live on KICKSTARTER until Wed, September 16 2020 9:00 AM MST
and has a funding goal of $6,072.
Find out more at BGG.

 Welcome to the world of Thalara! The world’s magic is dwindling away – fight for the last artifacts to preserve your power before it’s too late!

Thalara: The Last Artifacts is an intense duel full of ingenious mind games. Plan every step of your magical strategy and outwit your opponent before they outwit you. A fast-paced, highly interactive, asymmetric hand-building card game with low luck and a special twist.You choose any character that fits your playstyle. There are no predefined match ups, each character can compete with all the others – we put a lot of effort into balancing that out. Some characters can be learned in seconds, while others take a lifetime to master.

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