Knights of NorthRnd Kickstarter Spotlight

Knights of NorthRnd
Publisher: S C GAMES
Designer: Samuel Goffe
Number of Players: 2-6


Knights of NorthRnd is 2-6 player Last-man-Standing, fast paced card game where I have taken the concept of Rock Paper Scissors, added in a competitive edge as each player has 50 gems that represents your life/hit-points, all the cards have a damage value. When you beat someone they lose that many gems!!!



There also a range of scroll cards which can dramatically alter the game play


Want to find out more then watch this video:
Head over to my KickStarter page:


Also here is a great first impressions review from Zatu games




Knights of NorthRnd will be live on KICKSTARTER until Tue, August 4 2020 4:00 AM MST.and has a funding goal of $5,062.

Find out more at BGG

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