Card Game: The Union of the 6 Clans Kickstarter Spotlight

Card Game: The Union of the 6 Clans
Number of Players: 2-6
Ages: 5+
The Union of the 6 Clans is about an epic battle between 6 clans, fighting for dominance after traitors have torn apart their kingdoms from within. Sometimes, the judge of all the clans needs to step in and make a ruling on a hard decision. Whichever kingdom ends up having the most influence will unify all 6 kingdoms together in peace.  
Which kingdom will fall and which kingdom will rise to the top? 

How can I help, and what do I get?

Any pledge amount will help us reach our goal. This is all or nothing, so if we don’t meet our goal, we can’t make ANY of our games and our dream is crushed. Feel bad now? Help us out and we will forever be in your debt.  


We look forward to raising the funds and filling our orders! ‘

Card Game: The Union of the 6 Clans will be live on KICKSTARTER  until Fri, September 4 2020 12:55 PM MST.and has a funding goal of $2,500.

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