ARMPAL Kickstarter Spotlight

Publisher: Yang
Designer: Mongda
Number of Players: 1-4

ARMPAL is a cross-age 3D wooden assembly tabletop game suitable for entertainment between 1-4 people, which could be perfect for either party games or family entertainment.

We designed quick-removable and replaceable head kits to expand the playability of Armpal.

Based on the same set of control system and robot arm, we have designed three sets of components: manipulator caliper, excavator bucket, and magnetic crane.

Get ready to be surprised by our new upcoming replaceable head kits!

In only a few seconds, you can quickly transform your device. 

ARMPAL can be used for multiple entertainment modes such as single-player entertainment, two-player battles, and multiplayer cooperation.

Manipulator Caliper Kit – Stack Tower

📦The players can use the mechanical robot arm-calipers kit to stack up the wooden cube blocks in turn in the central areas on Armpal exclusive table mat.

If one side fails to stack or the wooden block tower falls down, the other side wins the game.

Excavator Bucket – Seesaw Time

⏳The time limit of this mode is 3 minutes.

The players can use the excavator bucket kit to move the goods in your stacking area to the balance scale. When time is up, the very side with heavier goods to the balance scale (the side of the balance is lower) wins.

Magnetic Crane – Transferring Race

⚖️The players can use the magnetic crane kit to scramble for the goods in the central area and move them to your own stacking area.

The game is over when all the goods are moved out. The very side who moves heavier goods wins.

One of our reviewers had a look at ARMPAL:

ARMPAL will be live on KICKSTARTER until Thu, July 30 2020 8:59 AM MSTand has surpassed it’s funding goal of $10,064.

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