Dwarven Smithy: Masterforge Kickstarter Spotlight

Dwarven Smithy: Masterforge Kickstarter Spotlight

Publisher: Flatworks Gaming LLC.
A 54 Card Expansion
that adds 15 minutes to the base game.

Dwarven Smithy: Masterforge is a 54-card Masterforge expansion to Dwarven Smithy that creates a new common Marketplace area near the center game board, where players have access to new cards.  Includes 50 new art images from the original game artist, Enggar Adirasa.

  •  12 Contractor cards act like bonus cards that complete with specific Item cards.
  •  12 Prospector cards function like resources with a twist; two resources!
  •  16 Equipment cards are additional things to craft and complete like Item cards. 
  •  10 Trait cards are two-sided and give players new abilities during the game. 
  •  4 Reference cards have the new player turn order on one side and the other side has the new icons and a summary of additional rules needed for the end of the game.

Trait cards are purchased and flipped over using the Buy a Card Action. Masterforge cards are acquired by using a new Draw mechanic and the expansion adds a new optional game turn phase, Auction, where players can choose to auction one card in their hand per player turn. 

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