ChronoConflict: The Card Game Kickstarter Spotlight

ChronoConflict: The Card Game
Publisher: Best out of five Games
Designer:  Andrew Ballingall
Artist: Jos Hawkins
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 14+
Time: 45 minutes

The time-travelling extremists, the Architects, are trying to influence the course of history by eliminating a person of high influence, a Very Important Person in History (or VIPiH). Meanwhile, the Chronoguard, staunch defenders of the time stream, seek to preserve its delicate flow and prevent this assassination at all costs.


Step into the shoes of time travelling assassins or those who would try to stop them. navigate the timeline and outmanoeuvre your opponent to win in Chronoconflict this two-player strategy card game. 

This game puts you in charge of the time-travelling power of heroes like merlin, billy the kid and ginger the battle dinosaur. will you change history or protect the timeline. 

ChronoConflict: The Card Game
 will be live on KICKSTARTER  until Thu, July 23 2020 5:21 AM MSTand has a funding goal of $15,511.

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