Nat21 Over the Top Dice and Dungeon Tiles Kickstarter Spotlight

Nat21: Dice and Dungeon Tiles
Publisher: Nat 21
Designer: Paolo Garbanzo

Nat21 Adventures is creating D20’s that give you the edge over your regular dice.  We’ve replaced the 20 with a 21, so when you need that extra boost, Nat21 is what you need.  When your friends see you roll up with this die, they’re going to lose their $&*#.  We all know how exciting it is to roll that Natural 20 at the right moment during a game, didn’t think it could get any better.  Well, now it can.

Go to our Kickstarter and you can get as many of these hilarious dice as you want, the perfect gift for your gamer who has everything.
We’re also going to give away sets of Nat21 hand made dungeon tiles.  Each set is one square foot of dungeon floor cut to make your dungeon the way you need it!   Marble flooring for those lost temples and fancy castles, redstone for those underdark invasions!  

Don’t forget to enter their sponsored giveaway HERE. 

Nat21 is live on KICKSTARTER until June 16th, 2020, and has a funding goal of $4,000.

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