Amazing Jungle Run Spotlight Post

Spotlight Post!

 Shhh…. What’s that?!  It’s a jungle out there (whispered)

     You never thought your dream vacation would be like this.  You were                            
     Expecting lavish huts and guided tours. Instead, you were dropped off to 
     Fend for yourself in a jungle full of wild animals.  What’s more you have to
     Find your own food.  You’ve always stood up to face challenges, and it’s no
     Time to stop now.  
     Can you summon your skills to find the mystical shaman, while avoiding            
     Man-Eating plants?  Do you have what it takes to master the animals, 
     Gather the most food, and emerge “King of the Jungle”? 
     Get ready. Lets explore…..
     Amazing Jungle Run is an innovative and immersive game in which players 
     Compete to be the first to collect 9 points. Points are collected by winning 
      “fruit” cards or the valuable Shaman card, which is worth 3 points by itself.
      As play progresses, u can collect important resources like Hideaway, or
      Bottom Feeder.  You can also use peril cards like “Off Limits” or hinder your 
      Opponent with Quicksand.  Watch out for the menacing Man-eating plant, 
      Which has ongoing effects.
       Along the way, you’d be wise to collect any of the three “power cards” that
       Tip the scales in your favor.  As a game winds down, only a few decks 
       Remain and you need to have prepared well for victory. 
       These adventures and more await inside your Amazing Jungle Run box.

Eric Schevenius took a look at Amazing Jungle Run yesterday. See what he thought HERE then support BuddyPal Games in bringing this exciting game to life by backing it on Kickstarter, tell them Everything Board Games sent you!

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